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Foreign currencies on a Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet report

Can a Profit and Loss or a Balance Sheet report be created in Foreign Currencies?

How to fix it

Currently QuickBooks can only create a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss report using the home currency.


The following summary reports allow you to choose to display amounts in your home currency (the default) or in foreign amounts:

  • A/R Aging
  • A/P Aging
  • Customer Balance Summary
  • Vendor Balance Summary
  • Sales by Customer Summary
  • Purchases by Vendor Summary (if purchase orders are turned on)

To change the default currency for one of these summary reports:

  1. Click the Customize Report button at the top of the report.
  2. On the Display tab, locate the Display amounts in option which is located in the Columns section.
  3. Choose to display amounts in either the home or transaction (foreign) currency and click OK.
  4. After you add columns as needed, memorize the report so you don't need to customize the report each time you view it.


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