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QuickBooks Contact Sync for Outlook Support

Welcome to the Technical Support Center. QuickBooks Contact Sync for Outlook is supported as part of your QuickBooks support. This page provides some information specifically designed to help resolve problems using QuickBooks Contact Sync.
Try these suggestions first :
  • Are you using the latest release? Check the download page to see if there is an update. Note that you must periodically check for and download updates; they are not automatically sent.
  • Are you receiving errors during installation or during the first time you synchronize contacts? Try rebooting your computer and retry the installation or synchronization before calling technical support.
Visit QuickBooks Help and Support for further assistance.
Before you call, please have your version information available for these applications:
  • QuickBooks - From the QuickBooks Help menu, choose About.
  • Outlook - From the Outlook Help menu, choose About.
  • QuickBooks Contact Sync - In Outlook, from the QuickBooks menu, choose About.
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