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Add a job when tracking multiple jobs for a customer

If you are performing more than one job for a customer, you can track the jobs individually by adding new jobs under the customer's name in the Customers & Jobs list.

If you are only doing one job for the customer, you don't have to add a new job to the Customers & Jobs list. Instead, you can use the Job Info tab of the customer record to track the status of the job.

To do this task

  1. Click Customer Center.

  2. On the Customers & Jobs tab, right-click the customer for whom you want to add a job and choose Add Job.

  3. In the New Job window, enter a name for this job.

    What if I want the customer name in the job name?

    QuickBooks will never use the job name by itself. It is always used in conjunction with the customer name, so there is no need to make the customer name part of the job name.

  4. If anything shown on the Address Info tab is incorrect for this job, change it.

    The information QuickBooks fills in comes from your customer's record. If you make any changes here, the changes affect only this job. For example, if your customer's billing address is different for this job, you can enter the job address without affecting the customer's main address.

  5. On the Job Info tab, click a job status (Pending, Awarded, etc.) from the drop-down list.

    How job status works

    Job status information is for your records—it gives you a way to keep track of each job. When you create a customer list report, QuickBooks includes the status of each job on the report. You can also see the status of a job by clicking a job in the Customers & Jobs list and looking in the Job Information area.

    If a job's status changes, you must edit the job information and assign a new status description to the job. QuickBooks will not do this for you.

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  6. (Optional) Enter a start date and an end date (projected or actual) for the job.

    How the dates help you

    The dates help you track how long each job takes and how well you are able to estimate the length of a job. When you create a customer:job list report, you can add columns that show the start date, your projected end date, and the actual end date for each job.

    When a date changes: If one of the dates for a job changes (for example, you revise your projected end date for the job), you must edit the job record and change the date yourself. QuickBooks cannot change the date for you.

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  7. (Optional) Enter a job description and a job type.

    Where the job description appears

    Job descriptions can appear on customer:job list reports. When you enter a job description, enter information that will be useful to you when you see the job listed among other jobs in the report. For example, if you have performed several jobs for the same customer, you could use the job descriptions to help you distinguish the jobs from each other.

    If you need more room to describe a job: The Job Description field has room for only a short phrase or sentence. If you want to write a longer description of the job, or if you want to jot down notes while the job progresses, use the job's Notepad.

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  8. Click OK to record the new job.

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