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Create a forecast

You can create forecasts for either Profit and Loss accounts by fiscal year.

Note: All forecasts must be account-based.

To do this task

  1. Go to the Company menu, click Planning & Budgeting, and then click Set Up Forecast.

    Note: If a forecast currently exists, the most recent forecast will be displayed in the Set Up Forecast window.

    How do I edit an existing forecast?

  2. Click Create New Forecast.

  3. In the Create New Forecast window, select the fiscal year for the new forecast.

  4. If class tracking has been turned on, you can specify additional criteria of either Customer:Job or Class.

    How do I turn class tracking on?

  5. Select whether you want to create the forecast from scratch or from previous year's actual data.

    What's the difference?

  6. Click Finish to create the new forecast.

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