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Condense your company file

To do this task

  1. Choose File > Utilities > Condense Data.

    Note: This process can take a while with larger company files.

Condense your company file to get rid of unnecessary detail. You can:

  • Remove transaction detail before a certain date. This option decreases the file size and improves performance if you have a large company file.
  • Remove all transactions. You can select this option to start over without losing your lists, preferences, and service subscriptions.
  • Remove all transactions to create a period copy that only includes transactions within a specified date range (QuickBooks Accountant only). This option creates a file you can send to third parties who don’t need to see transactions before or after the selected period.

QuickBooks creates an archive copy of your company file before condensing in case you need the transaction detail later. However, you’ll work in the condensed file going forward.

Condensing your company file affects it significantly. We suggest you review these topics before you begin:

  • How QuickBooks condenses your company file
  • Why should I condense my company file?

    Most people don’t need to condense their company files. However, you should consider condensing your company file:

    If you don't need the details of transactions anymore

    You need transaction details to run detail reports, file taxes, and track spending. However, after many years your company file can become large, which may reduce performance. Condensing your company file summarizes old transactions and makes the file smaller. If you need to see an old transaction, you can open the archive file that QuickBooks makes when you condense your data.

    If you have a lot of unused list entries (customers, vendors, and so on)

    You can’t delete a list entry if it’s used on a transaction. However, condensing removes transactions and may leave some list entries that are no longer used on any transaction. You can remove these unused list entries while cleaning up your company data file.

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