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Customize your invoice forms

You can customize invoice templates to fit the needs of your business.

What kinds of invoice templates can I use?

There are a number of invoice templates you can use and customize. The easiest ones to use are the predesigned invoice templates that you can download for free from the QuickBooks Template Gallery:

  • For accountants: Invoices with a remittance slip and request for email and address information, and a growth chart invoice with accounting graphs and charts showing company profits.

  • For contractors: Shipping invoice with "long text" at the bottom of the form and an image of a drill in the background, and an email invoice with a graphic of a tape measure.

  • For franchises: Invoice for a franchise business with optional corporate information.

  • For non-profits: Invoices for pledges, simple pledges, thank-you pledges with a dog paw graphic, and for pledges with rainbow and cloud graphics.

  • For retail businesses: Invoices for shipping, "one-stop shop" invoices, and an invoice for pet stores, animal hospitals, or pet clinics.

  • For service industries: Invoices for dentist's offices, remittance slip invoices, and a service invoice for labor with a remittance slip.

  • General: Many different invoice templates with different graphics, borders, and colors.

In addition to the predesigned invoice templates, there are a number of other invoice templates in your Templates list:

  • Fixed fee invoice template

  • Packing slip invoice template

  • Service invoice template

  • Product invoice template

  • Standard pledge invoice template

  • Invoice from proposal template

  • Progress invoice template

  • Time and expense invoice

To do this task

  1. From the main QuickBooks menu, choose Customers > Create Invoices.

    The form you see onscreen isn't how your invoice looks when printed. Click Print Preview near the top right of the form to see how it will print, and then click Close.

  2. Select the template you want to customize.

    1. Click the Customize drop-down arrow and select Manage Templates.

      Note: If you don't see the Customize drop-down arrow, try resizing or maximizing the window.

    2. In the Manage Templates window, click each template in the list to see how the form will print. The template appears in the Preview section of the window.

    3. If you don't see one you want, click Download Templates to download more for free from the QuickBooks Template Gallery. Click Open (not Save) when you download a form from the template gallery to ensure that it appears in your templates list.

      Note: Templates that begin their names with "Intuit" are usually for preprinted forms. You can make only limited changes to these types of forms.

  3. Once you select a template, click OK to begin making changes to it, or copy it first to create a new template.

    1. Click the Copy button in the Manage Templates window.

      The template appears in the Select Template list with the words "Copy of:" in front of the name.

    2. In the Template Name field on the right side of the window, rename the template.

    3. Click OK to save the template with the new name. The Basic Customization window opens.

    Note: If a "Locked Template" message appears, either click Cancel to select another template, or click Make a Copy. Be sure to rename the copy.

  4. Customize your template. You can:

  5. Preview the form.

When you open a form, such as an invoice, it uses the template that was last used. If you need to reselect this customized template, click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the form and select it from the list.

Templates list in form window

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