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Filling out a returned merchandise authorization (RMA) form

A returned merchandise authorization (RMA) form is a request from a customer to return goods to a business. Your customers can request an RMA from you, or you can request an RMA for your vendors.

One policy is for a customer to call a customer service representative or sales representative in your organization. That person fills out an RMA request form and informs the customer of your return policy. For example, you may set a limit on the number of days they have to return the goods or may give them the name of an authorized shipping carrier.

To fill out the RMA form:

  1. Go to the Mfg & Whsle menu, pick the Inventory Activities submenu, then pick Customer Return Materials Authorization Form.

  2. Provide information about the customer and the goods being received on the top of the form.

  3. Determine the RMA number to use and enter it on this form. You can use an outside system to determine this number, or you can review existing RMA forms in QuickBooks to determine the next available RMA number.

  4. In the Good Until field, enter the date by which the customer must return the goods in order to receive a credit.

  5. In the Return received on field, enter the date the goods were received at your business.

  6. In the Return received by field, enter the name of the person who received the goods.

  7. Use the section at the bottom of the form to create a credit for the user (if applicable).

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