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Use the Icon Bar



The Icon Bar contains shortcuts to the tasks and reports you use most. You can place the Icon Bar to the left of the QuickBooks desktop or above it. We recommend using the Left Icon Bar because it offers more power and versatility.

To change the location of the Icon Bar or hide it

  • To display the Icon Bar on the left side of the QuickBooks desktop, choose View > Left Icon Bar.

  • To display the Icon Bar at the top of the QuickBooks desktop, choose View > Top Icon Bar.

  • To turn off the Icon Bar, choose View > Hide Icon Bar.

What's important about the Left Icon Bar

  • Search Company or Help

    The Left Icon Bar makes it easy to search within your company file or get help.

    To do this task

    1. At the top of the Left Icon Bar, click the Search Company or Help field and enter a search term.

    2. In the drop-down menu that appears, choose to search either in your company file or Help.

    3. Click the magnifying glass icon. QuickBooks displays your search results.

  • Control pane

    Click the buttons in the control pane to switch between sections.

    control pane

  • Gripper

    Click and drag the gripper gripper down to increase the available space above the control pane.

    You can use the gripper to collapse the control pane. Drag the gripper up to expand the control pane.

    collapsed control pane

  • My Shortcuts

    Click any icon in this section to open the feature.

    To add, edit, or remove icons from the My Shortcuts section, scroll to the bottom of the section and click Customize Shortcuts.

  • Do Today

    This section displays to do's and transactions that are on today's calendar.

    Add, edit, or delete a to do

  • View Balances

    This section shows balances in your most important accounts.

  • Run Favorite Reports

    This section displays the reports you marked as favorite.

    Add or remove a favorite report

    1. At the bottom of the section, click Customize Reports. The Favorite Reports window opens.

    2. Click the Available Reports drop-down arrow and select either Standard Reports or Memorized Reports.

    3. Click the second drop-down arrow and select a report group.

    4. To add a report to your favorites, select it from the list and click Add.

    5. To remove a report from your favorites, select it from Favorite Reports section and click Remove.

  • Open Windows

    This section shows the QuickBooks windows you have open. Click the icons to move between windows.

If you use the Top Icon Bar, learn how to customize it.

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