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Add custom name fields

You can add up to 7 custom fields to your Customers & Jobs list, Vendors list, or Employees list. Overlapping fields count as 1 field on each list. For example, if you add the same field to all 3 lists, you can still add 6 other fields to each list.

You can add custom fields you've set up for customers to any sales form. Likewise, you can add custom fields you've set up for vendors to the purchase order form. If you want information you've entered in the custom fields to appear on a form, you must add the fields to the form.

To do this task

  1. Open the Customer Center, Vendor Center, or Employee Center.

    • To open the Customer Center, choose Customers > Customer Center.

    • To open the Vendor Center, choose Vendors > Vendor Center.

    • To open the Employee Center, choose Employees > Employee Center.

  2. On the left-most tab, double-click any name on the list.

  3. Click the Additional Info tab.

  4. Click Define Fields.

  5. For each field you want to add:

    1. Enter the name you want to use in the Label column.

    2. Select which lists the custom field applies to.

  6. Click OK.

  7. The new fields appear on the Additional Info tab.

What's next

Now that you've created the custom fields, you can add them to any sales form.

Important: Before you can select them on the form, you must add the fields to the form.

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