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Return goods to a vendor

There are several reasons you may want to return goods to a vendor. You may test a part and find it to be faulty, or the vendor may send the wrong item or wrong quantity of items. Faulty parts returned to a vendor are often referred to as Returned to Vendor (RTV) or Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) goods.

To process a vendor RMA

  1. Contact the vendor for authorization to return the goods. You may need them to supply a Vendor RMA number as well as any restrictions they have (such as requiring you to use a preferred shipping carrier).

  2. Create a credit with the vendor for the items you will return.

  3. Fill out a Non-conforming Material Report (NCMR) for the items.

    In the VRMA Number box on the form, enter the Vendor RMA number supplied by the vendor.

  4. Package the faulty parts as required by the vendor and return them to the vendor with a copy of the NCMR.

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