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Using the Non-conforming Material Report form (NCMR)

There are several reasons you may want to return goods to a vendor. You may test a part and find it to be faulty, or the vendor may send the wrong item or wrong quantity of items. Faulty parts returned to a vendor are often referred to as Returned to Vendor (RTV) or Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) goods.

Some vendors may require that you send them a non-conforming material report (NCMR) with any goods being returned. When you return goods to a vendor, you can include the NCMR form to communicate and document the problem with the product.

To create an NCMR form

  1. Go to the Mfg & Whsle menu, click Inventory Activities, then pick Non-conforming Material Report to open a new blank NCMR form.

  2. (Optional) Enter general information about your company name and contact information at the top of the form.

  3. Enter information about the person who performed the inspection, the date, and the vendor to whom the items will be returned.

  4. Request a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from the vendor and enter the number in the Vendor RMA # field.

  5. Enter the items being returned, the original purchase order number, and—if returning multiple items from a single purchase order—the quantity of defective items.

  6. For Description of non-conformance, enter the reason the items are being returned.

  7. In the Recommended Actions fields, record what your manufacturing team recommends doing with the material, such as repairing it, discarding it, or returning it to the vendor.

  8. If desired, make any modifications to the form.

    You can edit the NCMR form to remove fields or include additional information required by your vendor. Changes you make will only be applied to the current NCMR.

To customize the NCMR form

If desired, you can make changes to the form that will be reflected in all NCMR forms.

  1. Make a backup copy of the NCMR form (by default this is located in: /Components/VerticalForms/Non-conformingMaterialReport.dot).

  2. Open the NCMR form with Microsoft Word.

  3. Make modifications to the form.

    Use the instructions for editing a document template file in the Microsoft Word documentation.

  4. When you are done, save the changed form to the original location.

    Any NCMR forms you created before the change will remain the same; changes will be reflected when you create a new NCMR.

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