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Using quotes

Quotes are also called Estimates in QuickBooks. Quotes help you keep track of what you told your customers it would cost for a certain item or items.

Quotes can be thought of as placeholders for information that you might want to refer to later when a customer places the order or requests additional questions. Quotes can be particularly useful if you give a customer a special price for a certain situation. Instead of keeping notes offline, you can enter a quote and use it as a reference of what you told the customer.

You can:

Quotes are used like the other sales forms in QuickBooks; you can perform the following additional functions:

  • Customize the headings, fields, and columns that appear on your sales order.

  • Use a blank quote (estimate) template and fill in items already on your Items list, or enter new items as you write.

  • Start with a memorized quote that is partially filled in. Memorizing a quote is useful if your quotes often contain the same information.

  • Modify an existing quote any time and resubmit it to your customer.

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