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Tracking the layout of your inventory in QuickBooks

If you organize your inventory on shelves, bins, or other areas, you can create custom fields in QuickBooks to help you identify where your inventory is located. This is particularly useful if you store the same item in multiple locations in your warehouse. For example, you may store a few units of a popular item in one location that is easy to access, and keep the remainder of the item somewhere else.

To create a custom field to identify the location of inventory items

  1. Go to the Mfg & Whsle menu and click Item List.

  2. In the Item List window, double-click an existing inventory item to edit it or create a new item.

  3. Click the Custom Fields button.

  4. Click Define Fields button.

  5. In the next available custom field, select Use.

  6. In the Label field, enter the name of the field. For example: Shelf, Bin, Location/Area.

  7. Select OK.

When you create or update inventory items, click the Custom Fields button and enter the proper data there as well.

If you want to assign a location to your existing items, open each item in your Item list and click the Custom Fields button.

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