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Setting up a non-inventory supplier catalog item

For a wholesale/distribution business that sells items from multiple catalogs, you may not want to enter every item from every catalog into your Item list. If you enter every item, your Item list may be difficult to manage. Instead, you can create a supplier catalog item (or a set of supplier catalog items) to use when you buy and sell items that you don't keep in stock.

If you have items that you want to track and report on individually, you should set up inventory items for them. If you use a supplier catalog item, it will be more difficult to use reports to analyze how your organization is doing.

To create a supplier catalog item

  1. Go to the Lists menu and click Item List.

  2. From the Item list window select Item and New.

  3. For Type, select Non-inventory Part.

  4. In Item Name/Number, type Supplier Catalog Item. Or if you want to track sales from a specific catalog, type the name of the catalog (for example, Supplier Catalog Item-ACME Supplies).

  5. Click the button next to "This item is purchased for and sold to a specific customer:job."

  6. Leave the Description field on Purchase Transactions box blank. You can fill it when you enter a purchase order or bill.

  7. In the Expense Account box, select the Cost of Goods Sold account or Expense account that you want to use for these purchases. (The QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale sample files use account number 5000 Purchases—Cost of Goods).

  8. In the Description on Sales Transactions box, enter something like: Use this item to sell goods that aren't kept in stock.

  9. Leave the Sale Price blank or 0.

  10. In the Income Account field, enter your Income or Revenue account (The QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale sample files use account number 4100 Revenue).

  11. Select OK.

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