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Assigning part numbers to finished goods

If you manufacture or assemble goods, you may want to have a different set of part numbers for finished goods (an item that is sold to the customer—either an item you assemble, or one that you purchase ready to sell)—and raw goods (item you purchase to make an assembly item).

For example, part numbers for finished goods could start with a number, part numbers for raw goods could start with a letter. If you sort your items list by name, the finished goods—since they begin with a number—would appear at the top of the list.

Note: Part numbers in QuickBooks are not required to contain any numbers. If your company refers to items with complete words or alphabetic codes, you can create a part number key code that does not include any numeric values.

It can be helpful to think through a strategy before developing part numbers for finished goods. For example, a part number strategy for selling pool covers could be:

  • 2000-3000 – Automatic

  • 1000-1500 – Manual

followed by product name or type:

  • ul – ultimate

  • pt – power track

  • pm – power manual

  • mc – manual cover

In this example, some part numbers would be:

  • 3000-UL=3000 Ultimate (fully automatic, top of the line)

  • 2000-PT=2000 Power Trak (automatic)

  • 1500-PM=1500 Power Manual (semi-automatic)

  • 1000-MC=1000 Manual Cover (completely manual)

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