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Entering a bill with a supplier catalog item

For a wholesale/distribution business that sells items from multiple catalogs, you may not want to enter every item from every catalog into your Item list. If you enter every item, your items list may be difficult to manage. Instead, you can create a supplier catalog item (or a set of supplier catalog items) to use when you buy and sell items that you don't keep in stock.

When you receive your goods and want to enter a bill for the items that you don't want to track as inventory items, you can follow this sample procedure:

To record a bill for the items received

  1. Go to the Mfg & Whsle menu and click Enter Bills.

  2. In the Enter Bills window, click Vendor List.

  3. From the Vendor list, choose a vendor or enter a new one.

  4. Enter the Date of the bill.

  5. In the Amount Due field, enter the amount of the bill.

  6. Complete the Ref No and Terms fields as needed.

  7. Click the Items tab.

  8. For Item, select Supplier Catalog Item.

  9. For Description, type in what you received (for example: 0980-009 Faucet).

  10. Continue entering items until all of the items you received are listed on the bill.

  11. To enter shipping charges or taxes not associated with any one item, click the Expenses tab. In the detail area, enter each charge and associate it with its correct expense account.

  12. If necessary, click Recalculate.

  13. Click Save.

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