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Setting up customers who pay the manufacturer directly

If you have a high-volume business where your customers make direct payment to the manufacturer, consider how QuickBooks can work best for you:

  • If you want to keep your income figures up to date so you can create QuickBooks profit and loss reports, you will want to enter summary transactions of your sales at the end of each day. Instead of recording each sale to a customer, create a special QuickBooks customer named "Daily Sales." The invoice or sale receipt you record for Daily Sales should include your total sales figures for the day (for products, discounts, and taxes).

    Note: Since you're not tracking income detail, certain reports (such as sales by customer) will not be useful.

  • If you don't track your accounts receivable in QuickBooks, you can use QuickBooks only for accounts payable, payroll, and financial reporting.

    Note: You won't be able to create reports that include income figures (such as profit and loss) unless you manually enter your income information.

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