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Handling customer returns

Customers may return items for a variety of reasons:

  • The wrong goods were shipped

  • The goods were damaged in transit.

  • The goods are faulty.

  • The customer no longer wants the goods.

To process customer returns

  1. When applicable, provide additional information on the returned merchandise authorization (RMA).

  2. If the items were defective or you are returning them to the vendor for any other reason, you may need to fill out a non-conforming material report (NCMR) and return it to the vendor with the item.

  3. If the items were not defective and you are returning them to inventory, adjust the inventory amount for the item.

  4. If the customer is entitled to a credit or refund, create a credit memo or refund check for the customer.

    Note: The credit memo will increase the quantity of that item in inventory by the amount being credited.

  5. If you created a credit memo for items that are not being returned to inventory (for example, if they are defective) adjust the inventory amount for the item. The adjustment made should lower the inventory balance for that item.

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