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Recording layaways using sales orders

Here's one method you can use to record layaways using QuickBooks.

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Create Sales Order. Shortcut

  2. Enter the order, but do not save it yet.

  3. In the Memo field, enter Lay (or any other word you choose to represent layaway).

    Note: Since a sales order is not an actual sale, this does not update quantities on-hand for inventory parts. When you create an invoice from this sales order, inventory will be updated.

  4. Save the sales order.

    Save the sales order.

To accept prepayments for layaways

If you collect money from customers when they place a layaway order, here is a method you can use to record the prepayment:

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments. Shortcut

  2. Enter the amount of the payment.

  3. Click Print Credit Memo on the toolbar and give the customer a receipt for the prepayment.

    This leaves a credit for this customer that you'll use later when you create the invoice for the layaway items.

To record a customer's payment for layaway invoices

If you created a partial or full invoice for the layaway, you can use this method to receive payment:

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments. Shortcut

  2. Click the Received From drop-down list arrow and choose the customer whose payment you want to record.

  3. Enter the customer's payment in the amount field. If you received prepayment and entered it as a credit memo earlier, DO NOT enter anything in the amount field. Instead, select the open invoice, and click Discount & Credits to apply the prepayment (credit) to the invoice.

  4. Save the payment.

    Save the payment.

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