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Use a custom field on items to track serial or model numbers

If you add a custom field called Serial Number or Model Number to your Item list, you can enter an item's serial or model number each time you sell the product on one of your sales forms.

To add a custom field to an item for serial or model number

  1. Create a non-inventory part or inventory part item with the name of the product you're selling.

  2. In the New Item window, click the Custom Fields button.

  3. Click Define Fields.

  4. Select the Use checkbox to add the field, and enter a name (for example, Serial Number or Model Number) in the Label field.

  5. Click OK.

QuickBooks adds the field to the Custom Fields window. You can enter a value for the custom field (if the value is always the same), or you can leave it blank and enter the value (for example, a serial number) on the sales form on each sale.

After you finish adding the item, you can add the Serial or Model Number field to your sales forms (sales receipt or invoice) by customizing the form to include the new field. When you sell the item to a customer, you can fill in the appropriate serial or model number on the sales form.

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