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Creating items to track products and sales tax

If you manually enter sales summaries or import them from an external point of sale (POS) application

If you manually enter sales summaries directly into QuickBooks, or if you use an external POS software application (other than QuickBooks POS) that interfaces with QuickBooks to automatically enter your sales summaries, you'll need to set up each Item to be tracked in QuickBooks.

Items are what you enter on QuickBooks sales forms to represent things you sell. For each product, service, or other charge, you want to track, you should create either an inventory part item, a non-inventory part item, a service item, or an other charge item.

Also if you want to track your sales tax in QuickBooks, you must set up sales tax in QuickBooks so you can summarize your daily sales tax collections.

Here's a sample Item list, with the types of items you would use in QuickBooks to summarize daily sales:

  • AM/FM Radio (inventory part item)

  • Cordless Phone (inventory part item)

  • Phone cord (non-inventory part item)

  • Service call (service item)

  • Shipping (other charge item)

  • Overage (other charge item)

  • Shortage (other charge item)

  • Bayshore County Sales Tax (sales tax item for your location)

You'll use these items when you enter a sales summary invoice.

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