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If you also sell services in your retail business

If you sell products and services—for example, if your business is like any of the following:

  • Apparel retailer that provides tailoring

  • Appliance retailer with a service department

  • Electronics retailer with a service department

  • Furniture retailer that provides customization and/or repair services

  • Floral retailer that designs arrangements for large events

  • Jewelry retailer that provides custom design or repair services


    Restaurant that provides catering

you may want to track some or all of your services in QuickBooks, and track your products in QuickBooks POS. Use QuickBooks if you need to track:

  • job costs

  • retainers or prepayments from customers

  • billable hours that are posted to invoices

  • subcontractors

  • reimbursable costs

Use QuickBooks POS to track the product sales, then use QuickBooks to record the data necessary to track these other services.

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