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Invoicing for a percentage of completion

For jobs based on an estimate, some retail service businesses may want to invoice either for a percentage of the entire estimate or for a percentage of different line items on the estimate. QuickBooks has a feature called progress invoicing which lets you do this.

Progress invoicing is invoicing from an estimate in stages instead of invoicing for the full billing. When you turn on estimates and progress invoicing in QuickBooks, you can create an estimate for part of an invoice. QuickBooks gives you the choice of invoicing either for a fixed percentage of the entire estimate, or for different percentages of each line item on the estimate. You can also show on the invoice how much of the estimate you have previously billed to the customer.

For example, a landscape design firm might bill for partial completion of a new landscape project:

  • Garden Plan at 50 completion (estimated at 650.00, progress invoice bills customer for 325.00)

  • Site Preparation at 0 completion (estimated at 1100.00, progress invoice bills customer for 0.00)

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