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Customizing invoices for retail service businesses

Here are some changes you can make to customize the standard invoice for a retail service business:

  • Remove the Item column from the printed invoice form (not from the onscreen form). If you provide a detailed description for each item you set up, you don't need to display the item name to customers, and in some cases your item name may be confusing to the customer.

  • Change the title of the Quantity column to "Hours."

  • If you always invoice for a fixed price, remove the Rate column. The Amount column is all you need.

  • If you only sell services, remove the shipping information from the invoice or sales receipt forms.

  • Add a customized field for a customer or job number. (To do this, you must first add the field to your Customers & Jobs list.)

  • Display a service guarantee or licensing information on the sales form.

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