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Important: Make separate deposits for each payment method

To make reconciliation with your bank statement easier, do a separate "Make Deposit" for each payment method, such as cash/checks, MasterCard, and so on. For example, select all your cash payments, create a deposit for them, then start over and select the deposit payments from one credit card, then those from another credit card, and so on.

  • If you want to keep some cash on hand instead of depositing it, leave one of the cash payments unchecked. Repeat the Make Deposits procedure for that cash payment by itself, and deposit it to the Cash Drawer account.

  • If this is a deposit for credit card payments, you can group more than one day's credit card payments (depending on when your bank usually credits your account). For example, if your bank credits your account for credit card payments twice a week, you could combine multiple days of credit card payments in QuickBooks to match how your bank credits your account, such as depositing payments for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on one day.

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