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Handle customer backorders

Begin the sales process with a sales order to track backorders in QuickBooks. Create a picklist from the sales order(s) and then create invoices using the actual quantity shown on the completed pick list. You can also create invoices from the sales orders. Backorder quantity will appear on both sales order and invoice if not all items are found in stock and invoiced.

You will need to start with sales orders to track backorders in QuickBooks. The Backordered column only appears on invoices that have been created from sales orders and which have been partially fulfilled.

If you create an invoice from a sales order that has one or more items with insufficient quantity, do the following to track your backorders:

  1. Select one or more sales orders in the Available Sales Order window and click OK to open the Create Invoice Based on Sales Order(s) window.
  2. Select Create Invoice for Selected Items and then click OK.
  3. You will receive a warning message for each item on the selected sales order(s) that has insufficient quantity. Click OK. You may want to note the item.
  4. In the Specify Invoice Quantities for Items on Sales Order(s) window, select the quantity of each item to invoice. You can choose to show quantity available instead of quantity on hand.
  5. Click OK. If you have selected items with insufficient quantity to invoice, the following columns will appear on the invoice: S.O. No, Ordered, Prev Invoiced, Backordered, and Invoiced.
  6. The Backordered column now appears on the associated sales order(s) along with Invoiced and Clsd columns. Once the sales order is either fully invoiced or closed, the Backorder column will no longer display. The Invoiced and Clsd columns will always appear.

You may have to customize your invoice template for the Backordered column to appear on invoices.

  1. Select Custom S.O. Invoice from the Template drop-down menu at the top right of the form.
  2. Click Customize to open the Customize Template window.
  3. Select an appropriate template and then click Edit.
  4. Click the Prog Column tab and place a check in the boxes for Backordered. You can choose to have the Backordered column to appear on screen, when printed, or both.
  5. Click OK.

On Purchase Orders

Backordered and Rcv'd columns will automatically appear after a purchase order has been partially received.

A backorder is the inventory on a purchase order that has not yet been received.

In QuickBooks this occurs when a purchase order has been sent, a partial shipment has been received, but you have not received the final shipment. The items on the purchase order that have not yet been received are considered to be on backorder.

Customize your purchase order template if you want to print the Backordered column.

  1. Click Customize at the top right of the form to open the Customize Template window.
  2. Select an appropriate template and then click Edit.
  3. Click the Columns tab and place a check in the Print box for Backordered.
  4. Click OK.

Current Availability

The Current Availability window will quickly show the current quantity and status of Inventory Part and Inventory Assembly items. You can use the Current Availability window to quickly assess your possible backorders.

The Quantity Available field will show a sum of the Quantity on Hand, Quantity on Sales Orders, and Quantity reserved for Assemblies. A negative number is the item quantity that would be on backorder if all sales orders were invoiced.

Accepting prepayments for back orders

If you collect money from the customer when they order the items, record the prepayments as follows:

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments. Shortcut

  2. Enter the amount of the payment.

  3. Click Print Credit Memo on the toolbar and give the customer a receipt for the prepayment.

    This will leave a credit for this customer you can use later when you create the invoice for the back ordered items.

Recording a customer's payment for backorders on invoices

If you created a partial or full invoice for the backorder, follow these steps to receive a payment:

  1. Go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments. Shortcut

  2. Click the Received From drop-down list arrow and choose the customer whose payment you want to record.

  3. Enter the customer's payment in the amount field. If you received prepayment and entered it as a credit memo earlier, DO NOT enter anything in the amount field. Instead, select the open invoice and click Discount & Credits to apply the prepayment (credit) to the invoice.

  4. Save the payment.

    Save the payment.

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