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Reconciliation Discrepancy report

This report shows cleared transactions that were changed since you last reconciled a particular account. The report can help you when QuickBooks and your bank statement show different beginning balances for the current reconciliation period.

To create a Reconciliation Discrepancy report with content, you must have first reconciled the account. When the reconciliation is complete, the Select Reconciliation Report dialog appears where you can choose the type of report you'd like to see. You can open the report, print it, or view it later.

To view a reconciliation discrepancy report, go to the Reports menu, choose Banking, and then click Reconciliation Discrepancy.

Note: This report does not allow any sorting or filtering.

What to look for in the report

  • Changed amounts: If an amount has changed since you last reconciled, the change affects the beginning balance that QuickBooks shows for this reconciliation period.

    This could indicate that a transaction you previously cleared was edited and marked as "not cleared." Changing a transaction's cleared status also affects the beginning balance of the reconciliation period.

  • Deleted transactions: Deleting transactions can affect the beginning balance. When you find deleted transactions, click Previous Reports on the Locate Discrepancies window to create a reconciliation report for the period in which the transaction was entered. Then compare the report to your bank statement for that period.

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