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Setting up custom rates for different clients

You can use price levels in QuickBooks to set different rates (or item prices) for different clients.

You can set up price levels in two ways:

  • Fixed percentage price levels let you increase or decrease billing rates by a set percentage. For example, you might use this price level for a client who gets a 10% discount on all the products and services you offer.

  • Per item price levels let you assign special rates for specific items. For example, you might have a client that gets a special rate of $50 an hour for research time and $30 an hour for administration time, but who gets your usual rates for all the other products and services you offer.

You can set up price levels so they automatically apply to specific clients. Then whenever you bill those clients, the appropriate price level is automatically used to calculate item prices, and the adjusted price appears in the Rate column of the Invoice form.

Price levels associated with clients will not automatically be used when reimbursable items are added to invoices, or when invoices are created from estimates or proposals. In these cases, the item amount you originally entered will be carried over to the invoice, and you can then manually adjust the rate if desired.

Typical ways to set up price levels for Professional Service firms are by individual client (for negotiated rates for a specific client), or by type of client (such as rates for new customers or preferred customers). To see an example of price levels set up by client, open the sample company file for your type of business. Go to the Lists menu and click Price Level List. Select a price level from the list. Click Price Level at the bottom of the list and click Edit Price Level to see how the price level is set up.

You can also use billing rate levels in QuickBooks to set different rates for different employees or vendors.

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