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Tracking additional customer information

You can add customized fields to the Customer:Job window to track additional information, such as:

  • How a member was referred

  • Profession

  • Membership expiration date

  • Email address

  • Year joined

  • Membership anniversary

  • Grant number

  • Grant type

  • Student name

  • City

  • County

Note: You can create a maximum of seven custom fields for any one list (Customer: job, vendor, and so on).

Information you enter into the fields can be for you only, or you can add the customized fields to your sales forms and have the information appear on your invoices and sales receipts. For example, if you create custom fields for City and County, you can generate reports of total sales or donations in a specific city or country. You could use this information to determine the best area to market your services or the best area to target for fundraising campaigns.

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