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Tracking donors or members by type

The customer type enables you to keep track of the different types of donors or members (customers) you serve and gives you the information you need to analyze your funding sources. For example, you can use the information to focus your fundraising and outreach activities.

The customer types don't appear on QuickBooks forms, but you can create reports based on the information. You can also print mailing labels based on customer type.

Examples of customer types for nonprofit organizations

  • Track the types of contributors to your organization.

    • Corporate Sponsor

    • Donor

    • Patron

    • Subscriber

    • Individual sponsor

    • Foundation

    • Member

    • Client

  • Track the locations of your members or donors.

  • Track the industries represented by your members or donors.

    • Banking

    • University

    • Professional

  • (For nonprofit organizations that provide services to clients) Track the types of services you offer to clients. For example, a daycare center might define customer types for Monthly, Weekly, and Drop-in.

Don't use customer types for more than one purpose.

Choose the type of donor or member information you want to track and set up your customer types to suit that purpose. For example, don't attempt to create customer types for tracking donor categories (individual versus business) in addition to the locations of your members or donors.

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