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Setting up donors, patrons, and other sponsors (customers)

Most nonprofit organizations serve a segment of the community. In some nonprofit organizations, people in this community pay dues and become members; in other organizations they may pay fees for a service and be treated as clients or customers.

Other nonprofit organizations may have no paying members, but they may have a group of people who are donors. Donors can include individual contributors or patrons, corporate sponsors, foundations, and institutions (such as government agencies or universities) that provide support in the form of cash, assets, in-kind donations, grants, loans, or program discounts to the nonprofit organization.

In QuickBooks, set up your donors as customers by using the Donors/Grant (Customer:Job) list. For each donor (customer), you can enter standard information (such as name, address, and phone numbers), customized information that you define, and notes about specific conversations and decisions.

If you choose, you can also categorize your donors by giving them a customer type. Using customer types will help you track and analyze your donor or your funding source base.

In QuickBooks terminology, Donors and Grants can both be Customers. To add a donor to your QuickBooks data file, go to the Nonprofit menu and click Donors/Grants (Customer:Job List). You can also set up your donors as Customers and set up grants associated with those donors as Jobs.

Donors and grants that you set up as Customers or Jobs appear when you generate a Donors/Grants report or a Budgets vs. Actual by Donors/Grants report.

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