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Setting up programs and projects

Set up programs and projects as classes in the Class List. To add a program, go to the Nonprofit menu and click Programs/Projects (Class List).

Many nonprofits choose to report several programs or projects on the audited Statement of Functional Expense and on Form 990. Each program (class) may include several activities or subclasses. In some cases, you may also want to set up special-purpose classes to manage special accounting needs such as common cost allocations (for example, occupancy or salary costs), reserved funds, and activity in restricted net assets.

In addition to adding classes for your organization's programs, add classes for Administration and Fundraising. Administration and Fundraising classes are required to prepare IRS Form 990 and audited financial statements.

Transactions assigned to classes and subclasses appear on the Statement of Functional Expense, Statement of Financial Income and Expense, Programs/Projects, and Budget vs. Actual by Programs/Projects nonprofit-specific reports.

To track income and expenses by program or project accurately, periodically take time to add, deactivate, delete, and edit classes to ensure that your Class list is accurate.

Note: Consider how you want your classes organized before you create them. You can't merge classes later if you change your mind.

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