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Entering and tracking pledges

If you receive promises of future payment from your donors, you can enter them as pledges in QuickBooks. There are three benefits to entering information on the pledge (customized invoice) form rather than as a deposit.

  • QuickBooks tracks the pledge as a promised payment versus an actual payment, thereby increasing the appropriate accounts receivable account.

  • QuickBooks tracks the details of the payment (and later revenues) in reports such as the Biggest Donors/Grants report.

  • QuickBooks tracks the outstanding pledge payments in the Open Invoices report so you can follow up on overdue pledges (invoices).

To enter a pledge

  1. Go to the Nonprofit menu and click Enter Pledges (Invoices).

    To track pledges by fund or project, select a value in the Class field.

  2. When the donor sends a payment, use the Receive Payments form and link it to the corresponding pledge.

    If the donor sends a partial payment, enter it on the Receive Payments form in the same way. QuickBooks will track how much of the pledge has been paid, and the amount outstanding will appear in the Amount Due field on the pledge form.

Tracking pledges

QuickBooks includes the Biggest Donors/Grants report that you can use to track pledge activity. You can base the information in the report on accrual or cash reporting. You can change the basis of the report to see different information.

The Biggest Donors/Grants report lists your biggest contributors and shows what percentage of your total promised contributions each has promised to donate.

If you view or print this report using accrual basis, you and your board will be able to see who are the biggest donors based on their pledges.

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