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Other uses for classes besides fund tracking

If you use classes to track funds, do not use classes for any other purpose. See Tracking funds with classes.

If you are not using classes for fund tracking, you can use classes to track your income and expenses by the following methods:

  • Location or branch

  • Program or project (educational or research)

  • Department

  • Fundraising or special events

  • Administration

  • Type of service or product you sell

  • Common cost allocations (salaries)

  • Reserves

  • Restricted assets

To track information at a more detailed level, you can set up subclasses to track activities related to each class. For example, you can set up one of your locations (branches) as a class and then set up each department as a subclass. You could then create additional subclasses under your administration class for management, governance, and membership development.

You can also use jobs to track detailed information while keeping your class list simple. For example, you can set up a department as a class and set up programs as subclasses. Some nonprofit reports (Statement of Financial Income and Expense, Statement of Functional Expense, Programs/Projects report and Budget vs. Actual by Program/Projects report) include class and subclass information but not job information. The Donors/Grants report displays job information.

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