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Handle products you sell

Some nonprofit organizations sell products such as books, T-shirts, or calendars. You can create either noninventory part or inventory part items to track the sales of these items, depending on whether you want to use QuickBooks to track inventory. You can then use these items when creating invoices or sales receipts in QuickBooks. You'll also be able to see reports that show your revenue for each product you sell.

Most smaller nonprofit organizations do not want to track their product sales as inventory (where you always have updated quantities on hand and inventory values). In that case, create a noninventory part item for each product you sell. When you create the item, enter the price you charge for the product, and assign the item to the appropriate income account. (You may want to create a special income account called Product Sales, so you can tell how much of your revenue comes from membership dues and how much comes from product sales.)

If your nonprofit organization actually keeps an inventory of products on hand, you can create an inventory part item for products you sell. When you use an inventory item on a sales form, QuickBooks automatically updates your quantities on hand, cost of goods sold, and inventory values.

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