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Using service items and subitems to track service rates

If you are a specialty contractor and you invoice your customers on a time and materials basis, you might want to set up service items and subitems to track the rate you charge your customers for certain types of work. For example, if you are an electrician and you charge your customers $80 an hour for a journeyperson electrician and $45 an hour for an apprentice, you might want to set up items and subitems like these:

Electrician Labor (Item)

— Journeyperson (Subitem of Electrician Labor)

— Apprentice (Subitem of Electrician Labor)

To create each main service item, see Creating items for job phases. Do not enter a Rate for the main service items.

To create subitems for each main item, see Creating subitems. For each subitem, click the Type drop-down list and choose Service. Make sure you enter the appropriate rate per hour in the Rate field.

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