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Including labor burden in job cost reports

It is important to include labor and labor burden in your job cost reports. If you forget to include them, then your job will look more profitable, which could be misleading to the estimator, project manager, and owner.

To include labor burden in job cost reports

  1. Open the payroll and employees preferences.

    Opening payroll and employees preferences
  2. Select the Job Costing, Class & Item tracking for paycheck expenses option. (The exact wording of this preference varies depending on whether you enabled class tracking, time tracking, or both.)

    When you set this preference, your payroll taxes and medical insurance will be automatically disbursed to the job cost reports when you create paychecks.

  3. If you are using the Workers Compensation feature, select the Track Expenses by Job checkbox on the Workers Compensation payroll item record.

    Note: You can similarly mark other company contribution payroll items (such as union benefits) so that they also appear in job cost reports.

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