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Handling reimbursable expenses

When you incur expenses that you plan to pass along to customers, you pay for the expense by check, credit card, or cash. Track these transactions as job costs and pass them along to your customers when you bill them. For more information about these transactions, see entering bills for job-related or overhead expenses, tracking petty cash, and entering credit card charges for project-related costs.

When you enter a transaction to pay for reimbursable expenses, be sure to click the Item tab and select the appropriate item and job in the Customer and Job area. Enter an explanation for the purchase in the Item Description to describe what the expense was for. This description appears in the Description column of the invoice when you select that expense on an invoice. (The description on the invoice can be edited.)

When you're ready to invoice the customer, open the invoice form, click the Add Time/Costs button, and then click the Items tab. QuickBooks shows you a list of costs not yet invoiced, which you can selectively bring into the invoice. For details, see Invoicing for cost plus or time and materials jobs.

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