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Customizing the estimate form

Depending on how you've done estimates in the past, you may want to remove or add information to the QuickBooks standard estimate forms. For example, you may want to customize the form to make these changes:

  • Change the title of the form from "Estimate" to "Bid" or "Proposal."

  • Change the title of the Project field to "Job" or "Job No."

  • Customize the printed estimate to show columns only for Item, Description, and Amount. (This lets you display the Quantity, Cost, and Markup columns on the onscreen form for your own use, but show only a simplified version of your costs to customers.)

  • Create separate estimate templates for the different types of estimates you prepare for customers. For example, you can create one template for fixed-bid jobs and another template for time and materials jobs.

  • For specialty contractors/subcontractors: Add a customized field called Contractor, if you work for a general contractor on most jobs.

  • Add a signature line for your customer to sign and date to indicate approval of the estimate.

  • Add boilerplate text such as the legal terms of your proposal or contract.

  • Create a customized form for change orders.

To make the conversion from an estimate to an invoice faster, customize the estimate and invoice forms with the same information.

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