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Understand service items and subitems

The way you set up your Item list depends on the services you provide and the information you want to show customers on an invoice. You should create a QuickBooks service item for each type of work you do for a customer, whether a partner, associate, subcontractor, or hourly employee does it. You can then use these items when filling in time entries and creating invoices in QuickBooks. You'll also be able to see reports that show your revenue for each accounting service (or item) you perform.

Modeling your Item list after your own list of services

Accountants typically work from a list of job/project codes when they bill their time. You can model the organization of your QuickBooks Item list on the list of job codes your firm already uses. For example, suppose your firm uses a list that organizes services according to several main headings:

Monthly Acctg

Qtrly Acctg

Yrly Acctng

Tax Acctng

Audit Svcs

Review Svcs

Within each of these headings are specific services your firm provides to customers. For example, services underneath Audit Svcs could be: certified annual audit of books of accounts, certified audit of pension plan, compensation insurance audit, and county tax audit. (Of course, the way you organize your services may differ from these examples.)

If you want your invoices to show each main heading, as well as the time spent on individual services underneath that heading, you can use a combination of QuickBooks items and subitems—use items for each main heading and subitems for tasks underneath that heading.

To set up the Item list with items and subitems

  1. Create a service item for each main service. Do not enter a Rate for the item.

  2. Create the necessary subitems for a main service:

    1. Click the Type drop-down list and choose Service.

    2. In the Name/Number field, enter the item's name.

    3. Click the Subitem of checkbox and click the main service item from the drop-down list.

    4. Enter a description that you want to appear on your invoices.

    5. Enter a rate for the new subitem.

  3. Click OK. Repeat Step 2 for each subitem needed.

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