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Set up service items to track several fees

If your jobs typically involve the work of more than one accountant and you bill their time at different hourly rates, you'll want to set up your Item list to include those rates.

For example, suppose your firm has three accountants, all with different hourly rates. If you want your invoices to show the time worked by each accountant, you can set up your Item list like this:

Tax Services ("service" item with 0.00 rate)

Indiv Tax Rtn (subitem of Tax Services; 0.00 rate)

Partner (subitem of Indiv Tax Rtn; 100.00 rate)

Sr Acctnt (subitem of Indiv Tax Rtn; 85.00 rate)

Jr Acctnt (subitem of Indiv Tax Rtn; 60.00 rate)

When you're ready to invoice, click the appropriate subitem from the drop-down list in the Item column and QuickBooks enters the service description and rate for you. All you have to do is click Add Time/Costs to transfer your time data to the invoice.

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