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Categorize jobs by type

If you are using jobs to track projects, you can also categorize your jobs (projects) by job type in the New/Edit Job window. On the Job Info tab, click the Job Type drop-down list and choose a job type, or enter a new one. Tracking job types gives you an idea of the profitability of each kind of job you do. It can also help you determine what proportion of your firm's time is spent on different types of jobs.

Examples of job types for accounting firms

You can use the optional job types to track any information about your jobs that you think is important. For example, you can set up job types to:

  • Distinguish between Financial Statement and Tax Preparation jobs.

  • Distinguish between Retainer and Time Billing jobs.

If you want to further break down your job types, you can add subtypes. For example, to the Tax Preparation job type, you could add Quarter and Annual as subtypes.

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