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Send your changes to your client

For accountants only

When you have made your changes to the Accountant's Copy, create an accountant's change file (.qby) and send it to your client. Your client can then automatically import your changes into his or her company file. You can also print your changes or save them to a PDF file.

To do this task

  1. With an Accountant's Copy open, choose File > Accountant's Copy > View/Export Changes for Client.

  2. Review your changes:

    • You can use the [+] and [-] to expand or collapse each change to see the details.

    • To see or hide details for all the changes, use Expand All or Collapse All.

    • Click Refresh to see any changes you made in the Accountant's Copy after opening the View/Export Changes for Client window.

    • To see the window where the change was made, click the link in the Type column.

  3. (Optional) Add a note for your client.

  4. (Recommended) Click Print to print a copy of your changes, or click Save As PDF to save a PDF file of your changes.

  5. (Optional) If you aren't ready to save the changes, click Save Note & Close to close the window and save the note without creating the change file.

  6. Click Create Change File for Client.

  7. Enter the filename and location of the change file, and click Save. The filename must have a .qby extension.

  8. Click OK in the confirmation window.

  9. Send the change file to your client. You can email the file, copy it to a CD or flash drive, or use another method.

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