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Handle miscellaneous charges

You can create items for miscellaneous charges you want to include on a customer invoice. For example, if your office charges for administrative services such as copying, you can create an "other charge" type item. That way, on an item report (one of QuickBooks' Sales reports), you'll be able to see your accounting services (service items) separately from administrative charges (other charges items).

Setting up other charge items

You can set up your other charge items so that QuickBooks tracks the expenses you incur when you pay for them and the income you receive when you invoice customers (if you aren't simply passing through the expense to your customers). To do so, select the "This is a reimbursable charge" checkbox when you create the item.

This lets you keep tabs on the profitability of your "other charge" items—you'll be able to prepare reports that compare income against expenses for each item.

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