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Troubleshooting reconciliation discrepancies

To help you find discrepancies when you reconcile accounts, QuickBooks provides these reports:

  • Reconciliation Summary report provides a quick look at the overall totals for deposits/credits and checks/payments for a reconciliation period.

  • Reconciliation Detail report lists all the transactions cleared in a given reconciliation period. By comparing this report against the bank statement for the period, you can spot changes made to transactions after they were cleared in QuickBooks.

  • Reconciliation Discrepancy report lists which transactions have changed since you last reconciled an account.

You can access these reports from both the Locate Discrepancies window and the Reports menu.

Note: If you want to see a static summary of a previous reconciliation, go to the Reports menu, choose Banking, and then click Previous Reconciliation. This type of report provides an exact snapshot of the reconciliation at the time it was performed and can be useful for troubleshooting differences in the beginning balance. The report is saved and displayed as a PDF file.

Note: If you have Premier or higher, you can choose the date of the reconciliation session you want to view, and choose to see only transactions cleared on that date.

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