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Send accountant's changes back to client

QuickBooks Accountant lets you send Accountant's changes back to your clients using the web, so your clients do not have to manipulate the files. This process is very similar to how your clients can send you an Accountant's Copy over the web.

You need a subscription to the Accountant's Copy File Transfer Service to send Accountant's Changes over the web or to receive Accountant's Copy files from your clients over the web. ProAdvisors get this service at no cost; and others can subscribe for a nominal fee. If you do not have a subscription, information on how to subscribe is displayed when you start a file transfer or begin to retrieve a file that a client sent to you with the Accountant's Copy File Transfer.

What does the accountant do?

After making changes to an Accountant's Copy file, the accountant brings up a list of changes for review. There are two options: Create Change File and Send Changes to Client. Create Change File works the same as it does in previous versions of QuickBooks, but now keeps the review screen visible. Send Changes to Client opens a window where you specify where to send the Accountant's Changes file. In addition to enter your e-mail address and your client's e-mail address, you can add a personalized note for your client.

Note: If you check the notification box, you will receive an e-mail notifying you when your client imports the changes.

What does my client receive?

Your client receives an e-mail that includes your personal note and contains instructions of how to access the Accountant's Changes file. The message list the date that the Account's Changes file expires. The expiration date is 30 days after you sent it.

Note: You client receives reminder e-mail notifications 15 and 7 days before the expiration date.

What if my client asks me for help?

In case your client needs instructions, the following four steps are what is contained in the e-mail.

  1. In QuickBooks, open the company file that this Accountant's Copy came from.
  2. Click on File, in the menubar, then Accountant's Copy, and finally Import Accountant's Changes from Web.
  3. After the import, review the list of changes.
  4. Click the button Incorporate Accountant's Changes.

What if my client does not import the changes before the expiration date?

If you client does not import the changes before the expiration date, you will receive an e-mail letting you know that this happened and detailing the options. The options are, as follows:

  • If you and your client let these exchanges expire deliberately, there is nothing to do.
  • If the changes still need to be imported and if the client still has their company file in the "Accountant's Changes Pending" state, you can either upload the changes again or create a .qby file and e-mail it to your client for import.
  • If the client removed restrictions in the company file, your changes can't be imported automatically. In this case, go to View / Export Changes for Client in your Accountant's Copy, print or create a PDF of the changes, and help your client enter the changes manually into their company file.

How do I know the status of the import?

If you checked the box requesting notification when you send the Accountant's Change's file, you will receive an e-mail when your client imports the changes. The message will let you know when your client uploaded the changes, and whether there were any warnings or failures. To see details of the import and any errors, there is a PDF of the results on your client's machine in the same folder where the company file is stored.

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