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How does Remote Access Support Sessions work?

If you need to check something in a client's file—or even enter changes—you don't need to be at your client's place of business or ask the client to send you a disk. The remote access service is also useful for setting up a company file on a client's computer and conducting client training (your client can watch as you work). To use remote access, both you and your client must have an Internet connection.

When you use the remote access service, you send a request to view the client's company file. When the client grants you permission, you can view the client's QuickBooks screen on your own screen. You can work with the client's QuickBooks software and other programs that integrate with QuickBooks, but not programs unrelated to QuickBooks.

During a remote access session, there is no data synchronization with your computer. You're working with your client's QuickBooks software, and you have access to all the features and functions of the client's version of QuickBooks, but not those of QuickBooks Accountant. If you would like to be able to use features in QuickBooks Accountant during a remote access session, suggest that your client upgrade to QuickBooks Accountant.

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