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View or edit letter templates

Creating or editing QuickBooks letter templates

There are different letter templates for the type of letter you select.

To create a new letter template based on an existing one:

  1. Select the type of letter. The letter templates available for that type of letter open.

  2. Click the existing letter template and then click Next.

  3. When Microsoft Word opens your letter template, edit the text and QuickBooks fields using the QuickBooks toolbar.

    Customer letter fields

    If you don't see the QuickBooks toolbar you can reopen it. In Word 2000, 2002, and 2003, go to View > Toolbars. In Word 2007 go to Add-Ins.

  4. Save the document in Word to the same folder as the original letter template, using a different name.

  5. To move or copy a letter template from one group to another, click Prev and then click Organize Existing Letter Templates.

QuickBooks stores all letter templates in the QuickBooks Letter Templates folder. Subfolders contain letter templates for different letter types (customer, vendor, employee, and so on).

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