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Print letters and envelopes

You can print both letters and envelopes or print just letters.

To do this task

  1. Before you print letters and envelopes, review the letters to confirm that there are no occurrences of **MISSING* INFORMATION**.

    When the words **MISSING*INFORMATION** appear in a letter, the QuickBooks field used for that letter template is missing information for that customer, vendor, or employee.

    To do this task

    1. Edit the letter in Word to correct the information and continue working.

    2. Go back in to QuickBooks and update the information in that field.

  2. To print letters, go to the Word File menu and click Print.

  3. To print envelopes:

    1. Click Next and then click the options for size and whether to include a return address or barcode.

      Click Cancel to not print envelopes.

    2. Adjust the print settings within Word.

      For example, you can adjust the font used for addresses and the print options.

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