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Choose a letter template

To do this task

  1. Click a type of letter to see the available letter templates for that type by clicking a letter name in the list.

    • To duplicate or rename a letter template, click the appropriate button and then enter a name for your letter template.

      You can use letters, numbers, or an underscore in the name. Blank spaces or hyphens can be used, but cannot be used not for the first character of the name.

    • To copy a letter template to another list, duplicate the template, select the duplicate letter template, and then click Move. Click the type of letter and then click OK.

    • Remove any fields before you use the moved letter template.

      If you move a letter template from one type of list to another, some of the data fields in the letter template may no longer make sense. For example, an Employee letter template might have fields for Hire Date and Annual Salary, but these fields wouldn't work in another type of letter template.

    • To delete a letter template, click the letter template and then click Delete.

      QuickBooks stores all letter templates in the QuickBooks Letter Templates folder. Subfolders contain letter templates for different letter types (customer, vendor, employee, and so on).

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